Questions to ask prospective roofing contractors

Questions to ask prospective roofing contractors

Roof repair services should not be taken lightly. You need to invest your time in selecting best roofing contractors. Thus, you need to ask the right question in your selection process. If you do not have an idea on the questions to ask, this article will highlight some of the important questions to ask prospective roofing contractors before you hire one. Read on!

Is your company licensed?

This question should never be underrated AwsdQAwdqAin the selection process. Make a pointof inquiring if the company is licensed to perform roofing tasks and if possible let them prove the same. Besides, let them show that the team of experts are licensed to carry out such tasks. This will minimize the chances of you being at loggerheads with the local authorities. if the roofing company is licensed to conduct local roofing repairs, you can be sure of getting quality services.

Do you offer a warranty?

Since roofing contractors are human, they may fail to deliver quality even if they have the necessary skills. Thus, you need to be aware of this when hiring one. Ensure you ask if they provide a warranty and its term. More to this, you should be aware of what the warranty policy entails. With this in mind, you minimise the chances of bearing the burden of someone’s failure whether intentional or not.

What is the physical address of the company?

A good roofing company should not only have a name, but it should also have a physical address. The latter help customers learn about the company with ease. Thus, in your selection process make a point of inquiring of these two aspects. If the company lacks the above, do not hesitate to continue with your selection process.

Do you have a workers compensation policy?

sasDRoofing tasks are risky. They may result in injuries of any kind. If the company or contractor you wish to work with does not provide this policy for its employs, you may end up bearing the burden of bearing of paying hospital bills in case of injuries. To be on the safer side, it is prudent you inquire if these professionals have this policy.

What are your pricing policies?

It is wise you inquire of the pricing policies of different companies before settling on one. For instance, you can ask the prices of roofing materials, labor cost, and payment methods, among others. If you find a company, that delivers all these at an affordable price, and within your budgetary allocations, you may consider it in your selection process.…